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Structure Designed to...

  1. Provide a stable ownership for management, in perpetuity.
  2. Leave enough money in the Businesses and the Holding Co. to fund future growth.
  3. Allow enough money to funnel into a Foundation to create a substantial and ever growing charitable endowment.

End Structure


  • The primary owner of each Business Unit is the Holding Co.
  • Management needs to have some equity or phantom equity to be properly motivated and rewarded.


  • Once each business is fully funded it can pay a dividend. Dividends are sent to the Holding Company (in accordance with its percent of ownership).
  • Fifty percent of all after tax profit received by the Holding Co. will be sent to the Supporting Org.
  • A fund can be created by each Business to allow that Business to have a direct connection to a favored cause.
  • Each Business can have a say in the direction of the grants made from the funds provided to the Foundation by that Business.


  • Management at the Holding Co. is in place to help the Management Team at each business unit apply the Principles For Growing Value Of An Investment Grade Privately Held Business. The Management Teams are challenged with operating inside the Commercial Laws necessary to continually improve the health of their Business.
    • There are common activities and needs that each Business could have which the Holding Co. can supply. One common need that each of the Businesses will face is the planning and executing of Succession.
  • The Board at the Supporting Org. Foundation is in place to:
    1. Act as a checks-and-balance for the Management of the Holding Co.
    2. To protect the directive of getting 50% of the after tax dividends to the Funds inside the Supporting Org.
    3. To make grants to the stated causes of each of the Businesses.

The degrees of difficulty to create an effective business/philanthropic structure that can live in perpetuity are many.

  1. Continue filling each leadership position generation after generation with competent people that are able to create ever increasing dividends through providing ever increasing value to customers.
  2. Align the efforts of the people in the business to the ever-changing economic challenges. Do this through transparent application of the Commercial and Human Nature Laws. Do this in a way that gets the maximum number of employees putting their best effort into the stated Business objectives.
  3. Provide a checks-and-balance to ensure there is no over-reaching in each Business Unit or at the Holding Co.
  4. Reward top Management in a way that they can make them wealthy over time, through their own efforts.
  5. Create a channel that will allow meaningful and growing philanthropic activity.
  6. Direct the philanthropic benefit in ways that eliminate the root-cause of the problems of society.  

We have created and are managing the connected organizations that will accomplish the Structure Design objectives.

Who Are We?

Peterson Brothers, Inc. is a holding company that owns interests in a diverse group of privately held businesses, along with the management teams at those companies.

Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

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