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Peterson Partners

Private Equity Financing

Investment Geography:

  • Within five hours Pittsburgh, PA

Exit Strategy:

  • None! It is not our goal to “flip” the deal.
  • Our preferred holding period is forever. - See End Structure
  • We prefer to partner with entrepreneurs and business owners:
    • who want to stay with their business until retirement
    • who want to manage the business for ever-growing sales and profits
    • who want to build their wealth by selling their product or service to their customers at a profit, and receiving that profit in the form of dividend payments, year after year
    • who want an experienced business partner that can help maximize profits and grow the company with capital, and proven management experience.

Industries We Avoid:

  • Drug discovery
  • Telecommunications
  • Bricks and Mortar retail
  • Real Estate development/management

Industries We Prefer:

  • Almost everything else

Investment Size:

  • Initial investment up to $2 million

Stage of Business Development:

  • At least two years of sales history
  • Products established in the market
  • Strong management

Peterson Participation:

  • Lead or sole investor
  • Director seat
  • Management advisory
  • Follow-on investments, if necessary

The Partners:

  • Terry and Rick have been in business together since 1977.
  • Between 1977 and 2000 launched six companies, acquired and grew five others.
  • Since 2000 they have been making direct equity investments, in partnership with managements, of growing businesses.
  • They sit on the boards of portfolio companies.

Who Are We?

Peterson Brothers, Inc. is a holding company that owns interests in a diverse group of privately held businesses, along with the management teams at those companies.

Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

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